MOHAB Studio creates minimal, versatile and sustainable spaces for people to live and work.


MOHAB Spaces are ethically and flexibly designed homes and workplaces made of mostly local, natural and recyclable materials from the Black Forest.

Spaces are cubature in shape with an asymmetrical outer wall for a spacious interior of 20 square meters. Up to 5 units can be assembled together horizontally, should you require more space. Interior corridors allow you to easily pass through these connected units, from one space to another.


The sturdy aluminum facade, extended roof, and natural lurch wood windows with external blinds create a timeless look while providing the interior with shade and insulation.

Interior Control
& Flexibility

Inside, the three-layered, spruce tree paneled wall cladding and large windows keep the temperature comfortable and lighting adjustable while creating a homely atmosphere. The provided furniture units are both high-quality and multi-functional. The bed, desk, wardrobe and shelves fold, collapse and change form to meet various spatial needs. There are a variety of lighting options, which can be seamlessly controlled from your personal electronic devices. Temperature can also be further controlled with the air-to-air heat pump and fan with heat recovery.


Interior features, such as furniture, flooring and acoustic ceilings can be modified upon request.

& Sustainability

Interior and exterior wood, aluminum and insulation are made of recyclable materials sourced mostly locally from the Black Forest. Spaces are as energetically self-sufficient as possible and will eventually source all energy from a solar paneled exterior.

About us

Our studio brings together the best minds in engineering, architecture and sustainable product design to solve one of today’s growing problems: the diminishing supply of liveable space on planet Earth.

We put our passion for innovative and sustainable design into every aspect of our products and we apply learnings from our in-house NGO to every decision and design we make. Ultimately, we will be able to feed our earnings back into NGO projects and work harmoniously with our NGO partners to create solutions to spatial issues through sustainability, versatility and minimalism.

What is

Whether it be physical space, emotional space, safe space or outer space, the idea of space means different things to different people. Which is why we’ve created a platform where we explore space through research, ideas and events. Coming soon.

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Space is ever-changing, whether by humans or nature itself.


The amount of our Earth’s liveable space is diminishing in supply, yet we have an increasing need for it.


Ahh, outer-space. You infinite, mysterious, starry-eyed expanse.


Space is a concrete, mathematical measurement of dimensions and the matter that exists within or around it.


Sometimes space is an emotional need: a break from the mind, a break from others, or a conversation wherein like-minded people feel safe.


We personalize our spaces by choosing how, where and with whom we want to live and then adapting, manipulating or decorating our spaces to suit our individual needs.


Sometimes we create shared spaces — like parks, schools, offices and stadiums — so that people can come together for leisure, work and common interests.


We create space in our calendars to allot time for things like family, projects, meetings and self-care.


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